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Re: Debian Policy based on the wrong technical assumptions

>>>>> "Graham" == Graham C Hughes <ghughes@cs.ucsb.edu> writes:

    Graham> Why do we have to avoid Apache?  Unlike boa, it can be run
    Graham> from inetd, it isn't measurably slower (may even be
    Graham> faster: see readings on 386SX a ways back), takes up less
    Graham> resources (because of inetd), and even handles .html.gz
    Graham> properly.  Boa comes into consideration when you plan on
    Graham> running both as daemons.  Why would we do that when inetd
    Graham> works fine for this purpose?

 Apache also has mod_rewrite, which (I am learning...) can rewrite
URL's much the way SendMail can rewrite mail addresses.  This will
allow us to place an ".htaccess" file in "/usr/doc" with rewrite rules
in it that can:

 Check if the file.html exists.
 If it does, serve it.

 If not, look for file.html.gz.
 If that doesn't exist, return document not, OR,
 rewrite to http://www.debian.org/doc/file.html

 If file.html.gz exists, check %{ENV:HTTP_ACCEPT_ENCODING} to see
whether Content-Encoding: x-gzip is acceptable by the browser.  If it
is, serve the document compressed.

 If not, or if we just uncompress every gzipped file, (not always
good: eg. debian-pkg_blah.diff.gz should pass through _unchanged_.)
then pass through to a mod_handler for gzipped files that unzips it
before serving.

 The URL's in compressed html files *DO NOT* have to be changed for
this to work.  mod_rewrite can do a database lookup too...  I think it
could use a mapping table of local_url->www.debian.org as well.

 The flexibility of Apache is unmatched by any other server.

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