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Re: copyright problem : c64 rom bios

Andreas Jellinghaus wrote:
> i would like to package vice (comodore c64 emulator).
> the problem is : without the rom bios it's useless, and there is no
> licence for the ROM bios. tzhe authors tried to get a licence, but they
> got no responce.
> am i right : i may not upload the package ? (in this case i will package
> it anyway, but "only" put it on my home page - so it's my problem).
> regards, andreas

Many emulators have the same problem, and most have choosen to
distribute themselfe without the rom image needed. The user has to own
his own comp to extract the rom image or buy it somewhere (or obtain it
illegally somewhere else). By that the emulator doesn't break any laws
and could be a debian package. With rom of cause it can't.
You can tell in the manual where to get a copy of the rom or download it
during installation. I think thats alright with the debian licens too.

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