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Re: /etc /usr/etc: solution?

> > I just checked and my /etc takes about 2MB. Is that 1MB you want to
> > move to /usr and therefore make root partition smaller we are talking
> > about???
> When the root partition is about 16M, 1M is more than enough.
> > Even more, moving things to /usr would require judgement from _each_
> > package maintainer. I suspect most of us do not have experience of
> > large network administaration and common sense may easily fail.
> By default, programs don't install the config files in /etc.  The
> judgement is basically like this: look at the program source.  If the
> program installs its config file (on other Unices) somewhere in /usr,
> move it to /usr/bin; if it installs the conffile in /etc (some other
             /usr/etc maybe?

> place on the root partition where conffiles live?), let it stay in
> /etc.  When in doubt, contact debian-devel.
> > Guys, let's keep eyes on the ball and postpone the solution of this
> > problem till it would actually be a problem. Meanwhile someone 
> > (Vadim ?) could develop a package containing utilities which would
> > simplify task of maintainence and administration of large network
> > environments.
> What do you mean, actually a problem?  It is.  For me, at least, and,
> I believe, for many people.  And what do you mean by simplifying the
> maintainance and admining of large networks?  If you tell me what
> package exactly you want to see, maybe I'll make it.  And please,
> let's not postpone the solution of this problem -- I want to improve
> Debian ASAP, in all the directions (as long as they lead towards good,
> compatible and easy-to-manage distribution).

Great, we actually have an agreement here!
Vadim, let's look a little further:
 do we also agree that after all each distribution must serve the needs of
 users and not sysadmins? Good.

Would you care to install on your easy-to-manage Debian network some
commercial software for your users (Motif, XRT PDS, etc.)? I hope so.
Do you realize that ALL these software will not be available for libc6
environment for quite long time? What would your users tell you when they
find out that -altdev and altgcc just don't work?

And this is only one example. Unfortunately Debian has many more problems
than just convenience of administration which are not properly addressed
yet. The main one is lack of compatibility and support for the systems
using commercial software.

Now, regarding your proposition on installation disk modification.
Why don't you make an alternative network installation package?
It is not something to be discussed by Debian community at large.

Thank you.

Alex Y.

> Vadik.
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