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Re: doc-base: next proposal for doc policy

Milan Zamazal <pdm@fi.muni.cz> wrote:
> Yes, I know I can unpack documentation by hand, but it is ugly.  I'd
> like to have an option like `--install-docs-only', which should unpack
> just /usr/doc/<package>/* files without considering dependencies etc.
> I think it should be easy to implement it (though may be there could
> be some problems with further installing the whole package because of
> overwriting already installed doc files?).

No problem there -- just make package state "half-unpacked".

However, I'd like to be able to see docs filed under /usr/info/*,
/usr/man/*, and/or /usr/*/man/*

Even then, there's times when I'd like to have the source available...
[wishful thinking, NOT a proposal].


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