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Re: Debian-devel is full of noise

The problem I see with this is that there are people that have
scripts/programs that automatically filter the incoming mail into
various folders.  (I am one of them).  Spontaneously subscribing
people to new groups will wreak havoc with such a setup -- probably
causing my inbox to be flooded or else causing mail to be dropped
completely.  Plus, those people that want to participate in these
discussions have to subscribe to a huge number of lists.

alegre@saturn.superlink.net (Fernando) writes:

> I suggest the following procedure [please don't ignore me (-:]
> - Someone must be in charge of watching the mailing list [the Watcher]
> - Once the Watcher identifies a topic that is becoming too long, he raises
>   the alarm and a Topic-Architect is appointed.
> - The Topic-Architect creates a new mailing list [debian-Topic] and  subscribes
>   automagically all identified participants.
> - An announcement is sent to debian-devel that the topic Topic is being
>   discussed in debian-Topic.

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