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Re: doc-base: next proposal for doc policy

> > CS> All GNU texinfo manuals, as well as all other formats that can be
> > CS> converted into PostScript files, should be converted into
> > CS> PostScript
> > 
> > A4 or letter?
> A4 is 297x210mm, letter is 11inx8.5in=279.4x215.9mm. What about using
> 279.4x210mm, so we can have a single version for both paper formats?

I like to have well printed manuals (aestethical pleasure, I use
TeX after all!) and I dont like to waste space on a page.
So, as I said before, I am against shipping PS files. Just
ship sources and make a package that helps users to compile
and print manuals and to produce other documentation formats.


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