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Configuration files in /usr/etc

Charles Briscoe-Smith writes:
 > I think the idea to have a search path for configuration files is the
 > best I've seen so far.  After all, we have search paths for both binaries
 > and man-pages already.

Thanks :)

 > A big advantage I see is that this could (partially) remove the need
 > for the sysadmin to alter config-files.  Do as the menu package does,
 > and put the package-supplied config files in one place (/usr/etc
 > possibly), site-wide custom configs somewhere else (under
 > /usr/local/etc ?), and machine-local configs under /etc, as normal.
 > And users would be able to add more directories to their CONFIG_PATH,
 > like $HOME/.etc, getting per-user config files for free.

Yes, but No. Not this way, at least; allowing users to tell the system
where to find conffiles would potentially create *huge* security
holes, or prevent many critical programs to be run suid. 

 > I think it would be good to try to get something like this into glibc,
 > so that other distributions would start to use it, not just keep it
 > Debian-specific.  The more package authors are willing to add support
 > for this themselves, the less work maintainers will have to do!


Yann Dirson <dirson@univ-mlv.fr>

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