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Re: /usr vs. root was: /etc /usr/etc

Manoj Srivastava writes:
 > 	I don't think that this proposal is ready for a fiat/vote
 >  resolution yet. We would need a little more detail IMHO. 


 > Could
 >  someone, for example, detail which conf files should be moved to
 >  /etc?

I think we can set up 3 categories:
a - the ones everybody agrees to but into /etc
b - the ones everybody agrees to but into /usr/etc
c - the ones we can't agree

Not much problem for a/b; if a very particular system needs it, it can
be overriden with diversions (at least a->b); as the solutions I
propose (/looking in /etc, the in /usr/etc) make it easy to locally
transform b into a, I suggest to handle c as b.

(jsut a raw proposition, though; might need refinement :)

 > 	I think that a major flaw in this proposal is that the
 >  division of conf files into machine local and site wide depends on
 >  the site it self (is emacs configuration site wide? No, since only
 >  the doc guys want to spend time setting up auctex and sgml. Is
 >  papersize site wide? maybe, depends on what printers and paper sizes
 >  are present and required). Who decides which file is site wide? What
 >  happens if the local site disagrees?

 > 	The proposal is flawed, because it does not solve the problem
 >  cleanly either (what if my site has a different idea about which
 >  packages have local changes than Debian does? Do I have to change
 >  conf files around?)

see above

 > 	Also, as a sysadmin, I really liked to have the conf files for
 >  all machines at a central location, and I used rdist. That allowed me
 >  to group machines into categories (DCE client machines, Server
 >  machines, file servers, print servers), allowed me the flexibility of
 >  distributing the same printcap file to all print clients, while
 >  having different fstab files; I could even have a cmmand execited
 >  when I updated /etc/aliases.
 > 	I had modified rdist to use ssh rather than rsh based commands
 >  (I also had a DCE based rdist), so security was not compromised.
 > 	This is a far better option for sysadmins than still having to
 >  log on to machines to change machine local files (that rapidly gets
 >  old).

please expose this solution in details; then people not aware of it
can take part to the discussion :)

 > 	I think that unless FHS says differently we should not change
 >  anything for a partial solution.

So let's try to un-partialize this solution :)

Yann Dirson <dirson@univ-mlv.fr>

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