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Re: Bug#3066: a.out binaries in various packages

Package: general
Message: overdue

This mail is being sent to you because the indicated bug report has been
marked as overdue (i.e. if still open come the next release will have been
open longer than 12 months).  Overdue reminders are repeated monthly.

The history of this bug can be found at:

or      http://www.debian.org/Bugs/db/3066.html

For more information on the bug reporting system, visit:

or      http://www.debian.org/Bugs/

If this bug has been resolved recently, it probably means that the "nag"
program has not received the latest bug-report status list.  Please do not
report this unless these messages persist.

Please do not reply to the "nag" address unless there is a problem with the
actual messages being generated or you have reasons why this should be taken
off of the overdue list.  Reasons why this bug is not overdue should be
copied to the bug system <3066@bugs.debian.org>.

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