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Re: Copyright question


On Mon, 28 Jul 1997, Pawel Wiecek wrote:

> >    gd 1.2 is copyright 1994, 1995, Quest Protein Database Center, Cold
> >    Spring Harbor Labs. Permission granted to copy and distribute this
> >    work provided that this notice remains intact. Credit for the library
> >    must be given to the Quest Protein Database Center, Cold Spring Harbor
> >    Labs, in all derived works. This does not affect your ownership of the
> >    derived work itself, and the intent is to assure proper credit for
> >    Quest, not to interfere with your use of gd. If you have questions,
> >    ask. ("Derived works" includes all programs that utilize the library.
> >    Credit must be given in user-visible documentation.)
>      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> >    
> >    If you wish to release modifications to gd, please clear them first by
>                                                  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> >    sending email to boutell@boutell.com; if this is not done, any
>      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^                       ^^^
> >    modified version of the gd library must be clearly labeled as such.
>      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> > 
> --------------------
> So - is it free software or not?
> It'd be distributed as a library, not as part of another package if it
> matters.

I read that as free software.  As far as I can tell, the licence requires
you to acknowledge that you use the library in the documentation
distributed with the package (This packages utilizes routines from the GD
library copyright 1994, 1995 by Quest Protin Data Center, Cold Spring
Harbor Labs).  And if you modify it you state that as well (This
packageing of GD has been modified from that distributed by the original
author by changing/adding this....) 

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