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Re: anyone look at TkStep+Afterstep control panel

On Wed, 9 Jul 1997, Federico Di Gregorio wrote:

> > Has anyone though about packaging up TkStep (it's a replacement for
> > standard Tk, that look more like NextStep, than motif), and the Afterstep
> I use TkStep with Tk 4.1. I am actually building the Tk 4.2/Tcl7.6
> version. I someone is interested I can release a couple of packages.

I'm interested. :-)

> BTW, do you think TkStep should replace Tk or not? Actually
> I have both on my system and I use /etc/alternatives to link
> wish to wish4.1step...

I don't think it should replece it, because most people are used to
regular Tk, and probably want it.  It's like we don't replace Xaw with
Xaw3d, Xaw95, or NeXtAw.  Also, doesn't it  include a little extra
functionality so that You can use TkStep as normal Tk, but you can't
replace a program meant for TkStep with Tk?



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