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CDE Emulators packaged?

Is anyone currently packaging either of the CDE look-alikes?
I have experimented with both FvwmCDEmulator and XFCE.  The first
looks almost exactly like the real CDE control panel (I can't pick out
the real one in a side by side comparison), but it lacks some handy
functionallity that I like.  The second of the 2 looks similar but has
obvious cosmetic differences from CDE.  It does, however, include the
nice little things that FvwmCDEmulator is missing (run time
configuration, button highlights when the mouse moves over them,

Anyway, they both rely on Xforms (which is currently libc5).  They
both can be used as Fvwm2 modules.  However, XFCE can also be compiled
as a fvwm module, and it can run unattached to any particular module
(but the Desktop switching is lost if it is not part of fvwm[12]).

I think these are really valuable.  Personally, I am going to end up
using XFCE over FvwmCDEmulator, but I dont always agree with everyone
else, so why should everyone else agree with me? :)

Anyway (again), is anyone packaging these?  If not, I might be willing
as soon as I get up to speed on current policy.  However, there are
some packageing issues concerning them... For compilation, they both
require the fvwm source (or at least part of it) be available.  How
should this be handled?  FvwmCDEmulator can actually be patched into
fvwm2's source tree and become a contrib module.  XFCE however just
requires module.h from fvwm or fvwm2.  Each version of XFCE (fvwm and
fvwm2) requires a separate compilation.  Should there be several
packages (xfce-bin-fvwm, xfce-bin-fvwm2,...) Any of these binaries can
be used standalone.

Just some questions...

Wow, with these nifty little programs and the release of TWIN into
LGPL, things are looking better everyday (not that things looked bad
yesterday :) ).


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