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Re: dhcpcd compile problem with libc6

Roman Hodek <rnhodek@faui22c.informatik.uni-erlangen.de> writes:
> > In file included from /usr/include/linux/if.h:23,
> > 				   from /usr/include/linux/netdevice.h:30,
> > 				   from if.c:28:
> > /usr/include/linux/socket.h:9: redefinition of `struct sockaddr'
> Seems if.c includes <linux/netdevice.h>, which in turn goes to
> <linux/socket.h>. With glibc you should generally prefer the headers
> in sys to those in linux (the linux header is included by the sys
> header if needed). Maybe it helps to explicitly include <sys/socket.h>
> before netdevice.h (since there is no <sys/netdevice.h>).
> If this doesn't help, I'd say it's some inconsistency between glibc
> headers and Linux headers, which should be reported to the glibc
> maintainers. (It should be possible to include a <linux/> header if
> there's no corresponding <sys/> header.) A temporary fix could be to
> avoid reading <linux/socket.h> with #define _LINUX_SOCKET_H.

Make sure you're using glibc-2.0.4, and then try changing all
references to linux/* or asm/* to their counterparts under net/, sys,
or, if I remember correctly, netinet/*.

This has worked for a number of packages I've done for debian/alpha.


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