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Re: Debian-devel is full of noise

'Bruce Perens wrote:'
>The debian-devel discussions have been very noisy of late. It's
>becoming difficult to get much that is useful done on the list.
>Part of the problem is that these discussions have no leaders. Also,
>while everyone sincerely means to help, we don't all have equal
>credentials as system architects.

Leaders, leaders, leaders.  What do we need them for?  I don't like
your idea.

I think we had a few new developers who fell into making imperative
statements rather than developing technical criteria (something most of
us are guilty of from time-to-time).  I think things are progressing
just fine.  The only thing we need is to notice when a discussion is
going awry and have someone make some helpful suggestions in private or
public to help set things right again.  I am sorry that I got behind on
things and couldn't help in this respect sooner.

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