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Re: Diety UI draft

Brandon Mitchell wrote:
> 1) If you ask to do an ftp install, and it needs to download a huge
> amount of files, will diety prevent you from filling up the partition
> /var/lib/dpkg/ftp/debian (sorry if this is wrong, I'm not at my box).
> Also, can it warn you if it gets too close to doing this.  Also, a
> gracefull recovery in the event that you do fill up the harddrive would
> be nice.

These are both implementation details that will need to be tackled
eventually, but are not covered by the UI spec.  I will pass these
requests on to the proper people on the deity team.

> 2) Could an estimated download time be displayed at the bottom as you
> select packages.  This would require an addition to a preferences box
> where you give you connection speed.  I know it may be a bit late to
> add this, if so, it can wait till 2.1.

I can see this being a nice feature, but in my experience, download
time is not something that can really be calculated or even guessed
at until the link is up and the transfer is already occurring.  It
can be guessed at, based on the transfer rates of downloading the
Packages file, but we won't necessarily be doing that every session
(e.g., perhaps the Packages file hasn't changed since the last time
we downloaded it.)

As far as specifying a connection speed, that's not necessarily
very useful either.  Most ftp sessions I use over a 28.8 connection
rarely max out my modem connection.  I've found that network
conditions and the load on an ftp site can figure much more heavily
into the time it will take.

I feel that any guessed at download time we give during the selection
phase is going to be wildly inaccurate to the point of being useless.
And I'd rather not provide a number to the user that's useless.

But just in case I'm completely wrong about this, I'm writing down
your suggestion on my wish list.

(I hope that didn't come out as too negative.  I like the idea, I
just don't think it's something we can do _reliably_.)

> Other than that, it looks great.  My redhat friends will be jealous :-)

Thanks.  8)

Thank you also for taking time to review and comment on the design.


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