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Anyone available that I can call???

Is there anyone out there that I could call concerning my problem
installing debian 1.3.

I have only had one responce on my posted questions... and am no
farther ahead than I was a week ago.  

Whats my problem???  Well ok, let's see, the installation of the base
works correctly. I can boot my Debian GNU/Linux system from
harddisk, and I have a network connection.

Now to the problems. I start dselect, choose ftp as access method, do
an update this works, select my packages, start install. And then
it stops with the dpkg-message referring to can't map /lib/libc5.

I try to install the file libc5_5.4.33-3.deb using dpkg and I get a
message that says version 4.23-6 is already installed.

I do get other error messages trying to install other files using the
dpkg -i method.  I seem to get all sorts of dependency errors.  So I
try to install the files that the system says it depends on and end up
back at the can't map /lib/libc5 error.  I also get some kind of error
that says that the /usr/lib/libc.so.5 file is missing.  I look for it
and it points to a file in lib/libc.so.5.  

At this point I am confused on whats right and whats wrong.  After
installing this thing  7 times now and always running up into the same
error every single install, I don't know where to turn.  The IRC are
useless and I haven't gotten but one responce on this list.  

Does anyone know of anyone I can call for help???  If I bought a CD
would it make a differnece?   Am I talking to brick wall???????????

Tony Koehn

slakware is looking real nice right about now........
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