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Re: ddd?

In article <m0wjwhL-000FC4C@alex>, you wrote:
> [...]
>I would really appreciate if you try my newly uploaded motif version
>of ddd-2.1.1 and tell me your opinion on the worthiness of uploading
>this ddd-1.4d-fixed package. Unfotunately ddd is basically the only
>decent graphical debugger for linux.
>Thank you.
>Alex Y.

IMHO uploading a ddd-1.4d-fixed package might be a good thing, iff it doesn't
requires from you too much work. Thats way someone who hit one of those
known/unknown bugs in /usr/doc/ddd/BUGS.gz of 2.11, can downgrad to 1.4d.

By the way, there is a small buglet in ddd-dmotif-2.1.1-1. I went to file a
bug report but I'll list it here :

After installing the package, ddd entry wont shows up in App/Programming
menu of the window manager anymore. Renaming /usr/lib/menu/ddd-smotif to
/usr/lib/menu/ddd-dmotif fixes it :)

Thanks Alex, your work is appreciated.

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