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Debian co-existence with windows 95

   I have been happily using debian and DOS on one machine (got LILO to
work to switch between them, but it was an adventure).

   My next machine will have windows 95 pre-installed.  I would like to
be able to have win95 and debian partitions.  I understand there are two

(1) Recent win95 releases uses something called ``fat32''  This prevents
fips from shrinking the windows partition.  I have been told that the
commercial Partition Magic can deal with this, but the best things in life
are free.

(2) I have been told that lilo does not work (or work easily) on hard disks
above a certain size, and that LOADLIN is an alternative.  Any chance of
including LOADLIN as an option within the debian installation script?

   Thanks for all your good work.  I have some programs on my web page
that might be partial compensation for all you've done.

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