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Re: Debian-devel is full of noise

> Specifically, these problems need some solution, which will have to be
> implemented in the mailing list server. Otherwise, I doubt your new procedure
> will be still functioning six months from today.
> List of common problems
> -----------------------
> 	1) Several topics concurrently being discussed at the same time.

So what? That's the mailing list for ?

> 	2) The same topic appears as several apparently unrelated subject lines

Well, subject gets clarified as discussion goes.

> 	3) Delays in the discussion occur due to its international nature.

Problem ????????? This is very convenient- discussion continues 24 hours a

> 	4) People enter discussions late, attracted by a new subject line

Isn't it a purpose of the subject line?

> 	5) Reasonable suggestions are often ignored when not made by a leader

Ah, human nature...

> 	6) People who feel ignored tend to repeat the same thing again and again

Wrong behaviour. One should become a leader and only then repeat.

> 	7) Discussion of important topics is sometimes short and unconclusive

That's really bad. But, if an important topic attracts no interest then
only intelligent leader could help it to come to some conclusion.
(As we pointed earlier, only leader can attract attention of the list)

> 	8) It is impossible to predict how long some discussion will be

And that's good. Otherwise life wouldn't be interesting.

> I suggest the following procedure [please don't ignore me (-:]

I am sorry, but your procedure even don't try to touch the "problems"
mentioned above, but something opposite to 7) -

~7) Discussion of unimportant topics is sometimes very long and leads
to wrong conclusions.

Dont you think your proposition is going only to worsen the situation:
Assigned leader is not the leader who is attracting list attention -
won't help. Solution produced in such a narrow circle will definitely
be unsatisfactory for the rest of community.

Thank you.

Alex Y.

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