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Bug Reporting system

How can I report a bug to the bugreporting system that is architecture
dependant, or of which I think it is architecture dependant?

There are packages that are achitecture=bla, do they get sorted out

What can I do if I find an architecture dependand bug in an arch=all
package? How can I save all other architectures from being bothered by a
stupid arch=bla bug that they don't care about?

At the moment this might not seem a big problem, cause not many people
use something other than i386 and most architecture dependand bugs are
sorted out on the relative mailinlist, but that will change in the near

My proposal is to add an architecture field to the maintainer and having
one maintainer for each architecture. A maintainer would then specify in
that field what architectures he maintains. Submaintainers could then
signup for nonsuported architectures. Nonmaintainer uploads of
unsuported architectures could then make that person the maintainer
(just an option).
With this fields the bugreports could be send to the person that knows
about the architecture and in case of nonsuported architecture to some
person that generally knows about the architecture but not specially
about the file.

The field would look something like this:

Maintainer : bla 
all        : -
i386       : bla
m68        : ble
ppc        : blo
sun        : -
sparc      : -

May the source be with you.

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