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Re: Bash 2.0 new yacc grammer parser (netscape problems)

On Fri, 4 Jul 1997 J.R.Blaakmeer@student.utwente.nl wrote:

> > Is it possible to make Bash 2.0 parser, act like bash 1.4, so I don't
> > have problems when I try to execute helper applications.
> You can solve the problem by installing netscape through the install
> script. Another solution is to manually upgrade bash to the latest
> version, which has this bug fixed.

What bug? The bug is entirely in Netscape; infact they have introduced
some non-standard behaviour into bash 2.01 just so it works with Netscape. 

> The maintainer of the bash package seems to be on holiday, so you'll
> have to wait a few weeks for the upgrade of the Debian package, I guess. 

No, it's been available (in hamm only) for a couple of weeks now.

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