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Re: Debian-devel is full of noise

> What occurs to me is that we should designate "architects" for various
> problems, who lead discussion, take suggestions, and make decisions based
> on the group's input and sound principles of system design.

How are you going to implement that? [I mean from a technical point of view]

Specifically, these problems need some solution, which will have to be
implemented in the mailing list server. Otherwise, I doubt your new procedure
will be still functioning six months from today.

List of common problems

	1) Several topics concurrently being discussed at the same time.
	2) The same topic appears as several apparently unrelated subject lines
	3) Delays in the discussion occur due to its international nature.
	4) People enter discussions late, attracted by a new subject line
	5) Reasonable suggestions are often ignored when not made by a leader
	6) People who feel ignored tend to repeat the same thing again and again
	7) Discussion of important topics is sometimes short and unconclusive
	8) It is impossible to predict how long some discussion will be

I suggest the following procedure [please don't ignore me (-:]

- Someone must be in charge of watching the mailing list [the Watcher]
- Once the Watcher identifies a topic that is becoming too long, he raises
  the alarm and a Topic-Architect is appointed.
- The Topic-Architect creates a new mailing list [debian-Topic] and  subscribes
  automagically all identified participants.
- An announcement is sent to debian-devel that the topic Topic is being
  discussed in debian-Topic.
- Replies to debian-devel messages with relevant subject lines are
  automagically rerouted to the new list. The Topic-Architect will have to
  manually identify which subject lines are relevant, though.
- After that, people who post to debian-devel a message about Topic are
  unsubscribed to debian-devel and subscribed to debian-Topic. [Of course,
  they will be able to resubscribe to debian-devel, no more punishment than
  the hassle of resubscribing is intended.]
- After the discussion on debian-Topic is declared finished by the
  Topic-Architect, the list debian-Topic is destroyed and its subscribers
  are resubscribed to debian-devel.
- The Topic Architect posts the result of the discussion to debian-devel.
  If it generates too much controversy, a fiat decission is requested to
  the Leader.

I think that topic-oriented mailing lists must be dynamically created and
destroyed. The improved quality of debian-devel is worth the technical effort.
Lengthy topics are so unpredictable that pre-allocating mailing lists is
useful only in a handful of cases.

And a final comment. While it is true that not everyone has equal credentials
(expertise) it is also true that not everyone is equally intelligent and that
not everyone dedicates an equal amount of time to carefully read what other
people write. Sometimes, it would be useful for people to think about what is
said, and not about who is saying it. The bottom line: we need "architects"
who are also good listeners.


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