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Re: /usr vs. root was: /etc /usr/etc

Vadim Vygonets writes:
 > On Sun, 6 Jul 1997, Yann Dirson wrote:
 > > Sorry, I just proposed the concept; when coming to implementation, I
 > > rather advocate this function be incorporated into libc. That's the
 > > only way to eventually make it a standard.
 > Then we must take it to original libc, to not introduce
 > incompatibilities with our friends.  But I don't think there is a
 > place in libc for this function -- libc is something standard.

Aren't there a frontend to linux-specific syscalls in libc ?

 > > The packages' sources will not be changed, so there won't be any
 > > difference from what wa have now, in this respect. Every distribution
 > > might use another policy for handling this problem, but if we come
 > > with such a general solution, they may even be able to use it at a low
 > > cost.
 > Well, but then it will act different on other systems.

it already does, as all conffiles in debian are in /etc.

 > > 1: false, the mechanism does exist.
 > In 2.1.  But we must wait for 2.2 (if we want a stable kernel).  So we
 > virtually don't have it now.
 > Yes, ACL seems nice, but it's not ready.

OK. But we're trying to get a medium-term solution, aren't we ?

 > Because we need some files in /etc before we mount remote /etc, or if
 > it's unavailable (think single-user).

Linux is already able to nfs-mount / for a diskless workstation before
continuing boot. Allowing other dirs should be trivial, though a bit

 > >  > (d) This would make the remote /etc partition very very large, keeping
 > >  >     up to several thousands of files (on large networks).
 > > 
 > > On the server, yes. Isn't it its role ?
 > Not too ridiculous.  You are in maze of hundreds of little files, all
 > alike but different.

so let's add an option to 'ls' to hide these 'conffile#...=...#'
files, and set the right env when working on a particular
workstation's config.

 > Why not?  If you crack the fileserver, I think everything is lost then.

Sorry, I must agree here :)

 > > You forgot rsync/cfengine, I think. Someone wants to develop about
 > > this one ?
 > rsunc or cfengine means changing root filesystem, and that's what I
 > don't want to do.

I think we'll have to find tradeoffs here; there are in each solution
pros and cons...

Yann Dirson <dirson@univ-mlv.fr>

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