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Re: /etc /usr/etc: solution?

On Sat, 5 Jul 1997, Alex Yukhimets wrote:

> > 
> > So you want me to "move them back and delete them here" just because you 
> > "really don't  want to copy conffiles into /etc every time you install a
> > new program" ?!
> > 
> > I also happen to be a sysadm. and the reason in the 1st place I considered
> > moving from Slackware to an other distribution was the scatering of the
> > conffiles (slackware have conffiles in /etc, /usr/lib, /var/lib, etc...)
> > 
> > I think having conffiles outside /etc:

[various reasons deleted]

> I  can't agree more. 
> I just don't understand the reason why this thread is so active. I
> can't beleive so many people experienced the problems of poor sysadmin
> over the network of 100's hosts with NFS mounted /usr, who prefer to
> write tons of messages instead of simple script to automate hard task
> of updating /etc on different machines.
> (Sorry Vadim if this offends you, I don't mean it. This is just the
> level of my understanding.)

It doesn't offend me.  I don't admin large networks Debian systems
yet, although it might change soon.  I just think that one of the
reasons to keep conffiles in /usr is what you argued against, and
another one is that any Unix system must keep its root partition (and,
therefore, /etc) as small as possible.  And regarding many people: I
think there already were people who disgarded Debian because of it.
Unix IMO is primarily for networked environments.  And I don't think
the change I propose will do so much harm to users who have only one
Debian machine at home.

> We do have the problems which would affect all of us though.
> What is that story of compiling package in -altdev environment using
> altgcc with result depending on libc6 libraries? (Joost ? )

Huh, this one will soon disappear, after everyone will go libc6.  It
doesn't belong to this thread, tho...

> This might be much more important in current situation, 'cause 
> it would affect ALL users and not only large network sysadmins.

I don't want to think what is more or less important.  I just say is
that our goal is to build a free Unix, and in Unix, there are things
that just belong to /usr.  And let's move them there.

I don't want to offend you, either, and excuse me if I did.

Vadim Vygonets * vadik@cs.huji.ac.il * vadik@debian.org * Unix admin
The fish doesn't think, because the fish knows...  everything.
	-- Arizona Dream

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