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Re: Debian-devel is full of noise

Brian White wrote:

> > - After the discussion on debian-Topic is declared finished by the
> >   Topic-Architect, the list debian-Topic is destroyed and its subscribers
> >   are resubscribed to debian-devel.
> This would imply that people are unsubscribed from debian-devel when they
> get onto a topic list.  A _very_ bad idea.

No. I did not want to imply that. The whole sentence should have been:

... its subscribers, if unsubscribed to debian-devel, are resubscribed.

I proposed that people who still post messages about Topic in debian-devel
after debian-Topic is created and announced should be unsubscribed to
debian-devel as a way to "encourage" them to participate in debian-Topic.
I admit that that suggestion was very questionable, so I won't insist on it.


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