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Re: copyright question

On Jul 7, Lalo Martins wrote
> On Jul 7, Andreas Jellinghaus wrote
> > hy.
> > 
> > please examine this copyright :
> [...]
> > i think that we will have problems :
> > a) the notify clause (wich vendor can notify everyone ? ok, but i could
> > 	do the program into non-free).
> I'm not sure. Will _every_ vendor have to notify the guy or do we just need
> to notify him that the program is in Debian?

the copyright states : 
"If the program is included in a book, publication or in a software
 distribution media for sale, the author must be notified about it. "

so, i don't have to notify him, if it's included in debian, but everone
creating debian cdroms will have to notify him. at least that's how i

> > b) binary only distribution (did all vendors include the sources ?
> > 	i doubt that infomagic, trilinux or other multi distribution
> > 	vendors  will include sources of all distributions...
> This is already required by the GPL.

GPL requires, that you give the sources to anyone you gave the binary,
if he asks you. but this copyright clause sais, that you may not
distribute the binary without the source. as i understand it, you may
not sell a debian i386 cdrom without the source cdrom, if i include this

i'm not sure, if i'm right or wrong, so i ask here...


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