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Re: ddd?

Michael Meskes <meskes@topsystem.de> writes:
>Now I understand. And I guess you cannot put one binary package into
>contrib and the other into unstable with one source.
>I just wonder why we still need the motif versions. Is lesstiff not
>stable enough?

Even if lestiff can be used with ddd, other programs may still require
Motif.  Can the same ddd binary be run with shared libraries from
either lestiff or Motif?  If so, I think a user should have the option
of installing Motif instead.  (I think this could be done with the
"Provides:" mechanism, or maybe "alternatives".)  If not, then I think
a separate binary package should be provided.  

Since I spent the $100 to get Motif, I want to get some good out of it.

                          - Jim Van Zandt

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