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Re: Debian-devel is full of noise

Fernando writes:
 > I suggest the following procedure [please don't ignore me (-:]

The *concept* sounds good. But...

 > - Someone must be in charge of watching the mailing list [the Watcher]

having *one* Watcher is IMO not sufficient. Just suppose he gets
overloaded with work at one time and can't find the time to check all
these threads... 

Probably a group of watchers should be constituted, with the
possibility for a watcher to temporarily "disabling" itself for
vacation or other reasons (thus we can hopefully know at any moment
how many watchers there is roughly).

[1] Then we'll need a checking mechanism to avoid concurent creation
of different debian-Topic's for the same threads. This won't be
difficult IMHO.

 > - Replies to debian-devel messages with relevant subject lines are
 >   automagically rerouted to the new list. The Topic-Architect will have to
 >   manually identify which subject lines are relevant, though.

I suggest all (most) relevant subject-lines be identified, and are
part of the debian-Topic creation message; this would be necessary for
solving [1]

 > - After that, people who post to debian-devel a message about Topic are
 >   unsubscribed to debian-devel and subscribed to debian-Topic. [Of course,
 >   they will be able to resubscribe to debian-devel, no more punishment than
 >   the hassle of resubscribing is intended.]

Let's suppose you didn't suggest this 'unsubscribe' ;)

 > I think that topic-oriented mailing lists must be dynamically created and
 > destroyed. The improved quality of debian-devel is worth the technical effort.
 > Lengthy topics are so unpredictable that pre-allocating mailing lists is
 > useful only in a handful of cases.


 > And a final comment. While it is true that not everyone has equal credentials
 > (expertise) it is also true that not everyone is equally intelligent and that
 > not everyone dedicates an equal amount of time to carefully read what other
 > people write. Sometimes, it would be useful for people to think about what is
 > said, and not about who is saying it. The bottom line: we need "architects"
 > who are also good listeners.

Yes. Will we need to keep track somewhere of who's eligible to be an
architect, according to how frenquently they latk and how much
intelligent their messages are ? [Was just a Big Bother Joke :]

Yann Dirson <dirson@univ-mlv.fr>

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