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Re: /usr vs. root was: /etc /usr/etc

'Vadim Vygonets wrote:'
>Maybe there were other solutions which I don't remember, but I think I
>expressed all of them (including my points of view).  I think that
>now, as we see all of the solutions before us, everything is discussed
>and everyone expressed his point of view, is the time to take some
>action, to vote, to decide on the policy.
>Thank you.

Thank you.  This is the summary I was looking for.  But you are
mistaken that such careful work on your part will end discussion!!
Even Bruce who has much experience in writing proposals discovers (over
and over again) that only by clearly expressing a proposal will new
ideas come to the fore again.  But thank you for making our discussion
more concrete.  It had gotten a bit tiresome and you have infused new
life into it!

BTW, I vote no.  But will wait until others discuss things before I
jump in ...

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