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Re: ddd?

> Michael Meskes <meskes@topsystem.de> writes:
> >Now I understand. And I guess you cannot put one binary package into
> >contrib and the other into unstable with one source.
> >
> >I just wonder why we still need the motif versions. Is lesstiff not
> >stable enough?
> Even if lestiff can be used with ddd, other programs may still require
> Motif.  Can the same ddd binary be run with shared libraries from
> either lestiff or Motif?  If so, I think a user should have the option
> of installing Motif instead.  (I think this could be done with the
> "Provides:" mechanism, or maybe "alternatives".)  If not, then I think
> a separate binary package should be provided.  

Guys, let me clear that out: 


The ultimate goal of Lesstif is to be only source code compatible
with real Motif. But even this goal is FAR from being achieved.
Even such a "success story" as the one with ddd is just a hack. If you
look into the source of ddd-2.1.1 you will see a lot of #ifdef LESSTIF ...
stuff. Any change in the code would require spending more and more
time to hack these changes to satisfy Lesstif. Meanwhile, even motif
version of ddd-2.x has a lot of problems. If compared with ddd-1.4d,
it has cleared design, substantialy more features, fixed a lot of
bugs, but, as it usually happens, introduced a lot of new ones and
lost _stability_. I myself prefer to use ddd-1.4d with some bug fixes
I borrowed from ddd-2.1 release.

I would really appreciate if you try my newly uploaded motif version
of ddd-2.1.1 and tell me your opinion on the worthiness of uploading
this ddd-1.4d-fixed package. Unfotunately ddd is basically the only
decent graphical debugger for linux.

Thank you.

Alex Y.

> Since I spent the $100 to get Motif, I want to get some good out of it.
>                           - Jim Van Zandt
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