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Re: doc-base package: All compression configurable?

On Sun, 13 Jul 1997, Christoph Lameter wrote:

> : Please calm down and read the proposal again. First, nothing in the
> : proposal is included "just to stop a discussion". Second, files are
> : installed uncompressed only as default. All packages will support the new
> : "doc-base" package which will compress all HTML files automatically (even
> : without asking the user), if the local sysadmin has decided to do so.
> Can we extend that doc-base package to do the same for manpages and info stuff
> etc? I have long thought that all compression should be sysadmin controlled.

Why would someone need this? I mean, manpages and info docs can be
gzipped without problems (the "viewers" can uncompress the files
on-the-fly) and gunzip is quite fast so I don't see why someone would like
to install the uncompressed.

But if there are reasons, this could be implemented easily, I think.



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