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Re: doc-base: next proposal for doc policy

On Fri, 4 Jul 1997, Federico Di Gregorio wrote:

> > Since the "*.info" are only generated when you install either
> > "doc-base" and select info output, or when you install a package
> > containing a texinfo manual (and you selected info output before),
> > these files can go into /usr/info as usually.
> I agree. BTW, how do you think to have packages autmagically install info
> files after you have installed doc-base?

Packages will call some tool from the doc-base package in their postinst
scripts. So, if you install "bash", for example, and have selected GNU
info format _before_ (in the doc-base config file) the bash.info files
will be created automatically.

> > What would be the best way to get the PostScript files? I see two
> > different options that should be supported either case: generation on
> > demand, as you run `man -t', and generation via a CGI script, for
> > example, "dwww" will contain a menu of all available docs. It would be
> > nice to have a hyperlink "printable version" next to the hyperlink
> > that links to the HTML document, which will link to a CGI script that
> > generates the postscript version on-the-fly...
> Really cool. (If you have a K6...) 
> Maybe the CGI script can offer the choice between saving the PS or
> printing and then removing it. In the first case we need a default
> directory to save the PS to. I suggest something like /var/ps-doc or
> /var/psman, based on the fact that we already have /var/catman.

No, the CGI should not write static files to the filesystem. If you want
to do this, you would have to issue a command line program. (I'm thinking
of building an equivalent as `man -t' for formatting info files to
postscript.) The CGI script will just pass the generate postscript file to
the web server.



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