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Re: ApacheSSL

'Johnie Ingram wrote:'
>"Andreas" == Andreas Jellinghaus <aj@dungeon.inka.de> writes:
>Andreas>  On Jul 4, Christoph Martin wrote
>>> is someone (Johnie, you?) doing the ApacheSSL package for debian?
>>> I found some hints for it in Debian patches to apache-1.2.0 with
>>> Johnie´s address in the control.ssl file.
>Just some stuff I was doing to make sure my patches and the SSL
>patches did not conflict -- one of its Bugs.  I don't think I can
>actually upload such a package because I'm in the US.
>Alas, I never did get SSL working properly, because I can't figure out
>how to certify myself properly -- it crashes Netscape.  It patches
>cleanly, though.  :-)

I've got a debian directory that I could distribute (it worked at one
point).  But I abandoned development when it became evident that the
only way to use it legally in the US is to purchase from Stronghold.

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