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debian distributions

On Jul 15, Alex Yukhimets wrote
> Name of the installer package can easily confuse the user, s/he might
> think that metro-x is shipped with Debian distribution (like RedHat does).
> Frankly, I think they are of the nature "free stuff that depends on
> non-free" and should go to "depend-problem" or something with similar
> name. Not "other" though!

i cannot say much about the names of the distributions, and how to
organized them, but we should put more work into tools to create
distributions. it would be nice to have debian packages of our
deistribution creation software and maybe of the bug tracking system,
like we have it with debian-cdrom.

this could attrackt people to create value added distribution, if we can
show them, that the whole software is there. but maybe it's a lot of
work, to clean up all those scripts etc.

also the free comunity could profit from this :
maybe some people would start creating a distribution of astronomical
software, based on debian. it could help them a lot, if we say :
hey, you can use the management system and bug tracking system we use.
so you don't depend on us, you can change, if you don't like, but it
will spend you lots of time : so try it.

is this a goal for debian ?

if so, we might need two changes to current software :
a) deity should handle multiple access systems (i'm not sure, but i hope
	it does). so you can say : get main,non-free, contrib from this
	ftp site, non-us from that ftp site, astro from a third ftp site
b) additional support for a "Bug-Address; " field in
	status/control/packages/available, so people could use bug, to
	redirect all bug reports to their own bug reporting system.

what do you think ?

regards, andreas

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