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Re: /etc /usr/etc: solution?

> > 
> > I just don't understand the reason why this thread is so active. I
> > can't beleive so many people experienced the problems of poor sysadmin
> > over the network of 100's hosts with NFS mounted /usr, who prefer to
> > write tons of messages instead of simple script to automate hard task
> > of updating /etc on different machines.
> > (Sorry Vadim if this offends you, I don't mean it. This is just the
> > level of my understanding.)
> It doesn't offend me.  I don't admin large networks Debian systems
> yet, although it might change soon.  I just think that one of the
> reasons to keep conffiles in /usr is what you argued against, and
> another one is that any Unix system must keep its root partition (and,
> therefore, /etc) as small as possible.  And regarding many people: I

I just checked and my /etc takes about 2MB. Is that 1MB you want to
move to /usr and therefore make root partition smaller we are talking

Even more, moving things to /usr would require judgement from _each_
package maintainer. I suspect most of us do not have experience of
large network administaration and common sense may easily fail.

Guys, let's keep eyes on the ball and postpone the solution of this
problem till it would actually be a problem. Meanwhile someone 
(Vadim ?) could develop a package containing utilities which would
simplify task of maintainence and administration of large network

Alex Y.
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