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Re: doc-base: next proposal for doc policy

>>>>> "PH" == Philip Hands <phil@hands.com> writes:

    PH: Hi Christian, How do we handle installing _only_ the
    PH: documentation for a package ?

    PH: For instance, I would like to install all the documentation
    PH: for sendmail, despite the fact that I use qmail, so that I can
    PH: support my customers who use sendmail.

Nice idea.  I think we don't need special policy here, dpkg/deity
could provide such a facility instead.  It is nice to install qmail
documentation on sendmail system before installing whole qmail (which
conflicts with sendmail of course).

Yes, I know I can unpack documentation by hand, but it is ugly.  I'd
like to have an option like `--install-docs-only', which should unpack
just /usr/doc/<package>/* files without considering dependencies etc.
I think it should be easy to implement it (though may be there could
be some problems with further installing the whole package because of
overwriting already installed doc files?).
There is probably problem with info files, because dir entry is
updated in `postinst'.

This shouldn't be replacement of 500 KB policy, which is based on
other reasons, of course.

    PH: It would be nice to allow documentation for multiple versions
    PH: of the same package, for the same reason, but I suppose I'm
    PH: asking for too much here.

I think it is really too much now, it is very seldom necessary.
It would be simple if we had /usr/doc/<package>-<version> like RedHat
has, but I don't like it much, I like more simple directory names.

Milan Zamazal

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