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Re: Bug#11333: dependency problem in ssh?

On Thu, 17 Jul 1997, Philip Hands wrote:

> ...
> > > ssh-keygen: can't load library 'libgmp.so.2'
> ... 
> > A depends here would probably help. How come shlibdeps doesn't do
> > this automatically? It should.
> My fault.  I failed to notice that ssh does not use shlibdeps when I added 
> dynamic linking of gmp.
> It has the dependency in 1.2.20-3 (been in Incoming for a while)
> This would not have been so much of a problem, if we had a stable/unstable 
> split in non-us, but we don't --- I think this is bad.
> Especially since it means that I cannot upload ssh linked with libc6, since it 
> will break Debian 1.3.1

It's not clear how the two above paragraphs are related. You can certainly
build ssh linked with libc6 and only target it for unstable without
breaking 1.3 once the versions in 1.3 become stable (and if you want to do
the extra management, and have the disk space, you can work on both at the
same time. (It might require and "odd/even" numbering scheme for stable
and unstable versions)

If you have enough disk space, you can have two root file systems and boot
the libc5 development system to build stable packages, and the libc6
system to build unstable packages. 

I do it that way. I keep one system stable, while I let the other one
progress into unstable as needed for package maintainance. I can then
always fall back to stable to fix a bug that crops up late in the
maintainance cycle.

> BTW how do I use shlibdeps, but exclude one of the dependencies it comes up 
> with ?  I need to do this because ssh-askpass is linked against some X 
> libraries, but I don't want ssh to depend on xlib6, because it is perfectly 
> usable without it.  What I'd like to do is use shlibdeps, but put xlib6 into a 
> Suggests: line instead.
I understand why you want to do this, but the bottom line is you don't.

Xlib6 is small and part of the "standard" installation. If you aren't
going to have X on the machine and you wish to trim things down because of
limited disk space, install the package with --force-depends and it will
work just as well as if you left the depends off entirely. 

The point of shlibdeps is to insure that all library calls compiled into
the major executable are available on the system where it is being
installed. Please just let it depend on xlib6. It is a good idea.


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