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Re: /etc /usr/etc: solution?

> > I don't see the problem. FSSTND already addresses this very well.
> >
> > 3.Have the config files in /usr/etc, search _only_ in /etc, make symlinks.
> > This is what FSSTND proposes. This also lets us put the real files in
> > /usr/share/etc or /usr/local/etc; symlinks are easy. And dpkg can handle
> > this, I believe.
> Again: don't touch /etc.  You may have hundreds of workstations, so do
> you want to put the symlinks in /etc on each workstation manually?  Or
> how?  I want to use the program immediately after I install it, from
> each workstation.  Must I repeat it once again?  LOOK AT OTHER UNICES!

What's the problem?  Files in /etc are already installed by dpkg.  What
difference does it make if those files are installed directly into /etc
or if they are installed into /usr/etc and a symlink is created?

Perhaps I'm missing something...

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