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Re: Debian-devel is full of noise

> - Someone must be in charge of watching the mailing list [the Watcher]
> - Once the Watcher identifies a topic that is becoming too long, he raises
>   the alarm and a Topic-Architect is appointed.
> - The Topic-Architect creates a new mailing list [debian-Topic] and  subscribes
>   automagically all identified participants.

I'm not sure I like this.  The creation of new lists and me being subscribed
to it will wreak havic with my mail filter.  I suppose as long as the
new lists are "debian-topic-<something>", it would be okay, though.

> - An announcement is sent to debian-devel that the topic Topic is being
>   discussed in debian-Topic.
> - Replies to debian-devel messages with relevant subject lines are
>   automagically rerouted to the new list. The Topic-Architect will have to
>   manually identify which subject lines are relevant, though.
> - After that, people who post to debian-devel a message about Topic are
>   unsubscribed to debian-devel and subscribed to debian-Topic. [Of course,
>   they will be able to resubscribe to debian-devel, no more punishment than
>   the hassle of resubscribing is intended.]
> - After the discussion on debian-Topic is declared finished by the
>   Topic-Architect, the list debian-Topic is destroyed and its subscribers
>   are resubscribed to debian-devel.

This would imply that people are unsubscribed from debian-devel when they
get onto a topic list.  A _very_ bad idea.

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