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Re: /usr vs. root was: /etc /usr/etc

Vadim Vygonets <vadik@cs.huji.ac.il> writes:

> On 6 Jul 1997, Manoj Srivastava wrote:


> > 	So, we decide on placing files dependeing on where the
> >  upstream sources put their files? This does not sound like a sound
> >  technical policy to me. Remember, most authors do not write with
> >  Debian's file system discipline in mind.
> And you know why?  Because other Unices have similar filesystems,
> i.e., noone puts site-wide conffiles in /etc.  The authors kept in
> mind the more technical definition of files which must go to /usr,
> that is, the files that don't have to be different on the machines
> across the network (like hostname), aren't essential for boot or
> single-user mode maintainance.


Some authors feel a bit differently.  Dan Bernstein, for example,
thinks that all a program's files should go in the same place, and
that /var is a good place for this (/var/qmail).  Other packages do
this by default as well, like apache and jed.

Debian uses the FSSTND to ensure consistency in the face of all the
different installation schemes used.  If you think a change is
worthwhile, get it into the FHS and Debian can change to that.

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