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Re: Bug#10902: Device driver 3c59x hangs

I had a lot of trouble with the 3c59x driver and a a 3c905 card in the
machine I use at work (with amd + nis in a Sun network). The _only_ version
that worked is the v0.41 driver with a patch that Michael Sievers sent to the
linux-vortex list.

I installed it before I went on vacation, and the machine is still up now
after over ten days (where as it hung after 2 - 20 hours before with
different kernels and the v0.30 and (unpatched) v0.41 drivers. I will send
that patched v0.41 driver to Herbert from work tomorrow. I recommend
inclusion of it in the kernel sources.

 Please excuse a delayed response to your email --- I was away on vacation.
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