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Re: /etc /usr/etc: solution?

'Alex Yukhimets wrote:'
>I just checked and my /etc takes about 2MB. Is that 1MB you want to
>move to /usr and therefore make root partition smaller we are talking
>Even more, moving things to /usr would require judgement from _each_
>package maintainer. I suspect most of us do not have experience of
>large network administaration and common sense may easily fail.
>Guys, let's keep eyes on the ball and postpone the solution of this
>problem till it would actually be a problem. Meanwhile someone 
>(Vadim ?) could develop a package containing utilities which would
>simplify task of maintainence and administration of large network

I'd like to see a summary of their argument.  From what I have
gathered they could write a script that did

#!/bin/sh -e

mkdir -p /usr/etc; cd /etc
for ind in inetd.conf syslog.conf resolv.com; do
  ln -fs /usr/etc/$ind $ind

And quickly convert their Debian system into the type that they want.
And dpkg won't overwrite things.  And all will be well.

Have I overlooked everything?

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