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Re: doc-base: next proposal for doc policy

On Tue, 1 Jul 1997, Yann Dirson wrote:

> Christian Schwarz writes:
>  >    - we can't afford lots of new packages (there are too many to
>  >      handle anyways!)
> This is just a problem because of the interface we now have. This has
> already been discussed, and I think provision should be made in the
> policy for the time where we'll be able to afford this.

Of course! However, it will surely take some time until "deity" is widely
used and on the other hand, more packages means also a lot of new work for
the maintainers! (Multi-binary packages are more work than single binary

>  >     - some people need "secure" computers (can't run a web server)
> How are these people's need handled, eg. for packages with
> documentation ONLY as HTML ? I remember seeing there was a local HTML
> browser in the distribution, but I think it uses X. I have at work a
> 386SX with 5Mb RAM, and want neither to run X nor a webserver under
> these conditions. (Please don't ask me who's my employer ;)

We have "lynx" for that.

>  > All GNU texinfo manuals, as well as all other formats that can be
>  > converted into PostScript files, should be converted into PostScript
>  > compressed, and uploaded to ftp.debian.org:/debian/doc/.... (the directory
>  > name will be defined soon). Since the manuals are one file each and since
> Are they really all ONE file each ? I doubt it.

I assume that most GNU programs come with a single manual (there are
expections, though) which can be put into a PostScript file, each.



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