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Re: Anyone available that I can call???

From: bigt@ourtownusa.com
> Now to the problems. I start dselect, choose ftp as access method, do
> an update this works, select my packages, start install. And then
> it stops with the dpkg-message referring to can't map /lib/libc5.

Just to see if you get lucky, become root and run "ldconfig". That might
solve this problem. If it does not, please give us the entire text of the
message when dselect quits, and tell us exactly what you are doing when
you get to that message. Your best bet would be to fix this problem, so
that you can install using dselect.

You are not talking to a brick wall. You do have to give us better
information, though, otherwise we will have no idea of what is happening
on your system.

Regarding whether buying a CD would help, it might help you install
faster, but we give the same customer service either way.


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