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Re: debian distributions

Mark Shuttleworth <marks@thawte.com> writes:
> > a) deity should handle multiple access systems (i'm not sure, but i hope
> > 	it does). so you can say : get main,non-free, contrib from this
> > 	ftp site, non-us from that ftp site, astro from a third ftp site
> > 	etc.
> This is GREAT - particularly for those of us who use the non-US stuff.
> It's a real pain to have to check manually whether or not a package has
> been updated.

There's a fair bit of support for this in dpkg-ftp_1.5.0 and
dpkg-ftp-x_1.5.0, currently in experimental.  It's still got a few
rough edges, but for everyone except those who pay by-the-minute for
their network it should be a significant improvement over

I'd love it if people were to try out 1.5.0 and submit bugs/patches
against it (Yann Dirson has already submitted quite a few excellent
suggestions, but I can always use more input).

 - Klee

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