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RE: ddd?

Okay. That explain a version linked against dynamic motif libraries. But
why should a user use the statically linked version? Isn't the lestiff
version exactly for people who do not own motif?


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>Subject:	Re: ddd?
>Michael Meskes <meskes@topsystem.de> writes:
>>Now I understand. And I guess you cannot put one binary package into
>>contrib and the other into unstable with one source.
>>I just wonder why we still need the motif versions. Is lesstiff not
>>stable enough?
>Even if lestiff can be used with ddd, other programs may still require
>Motif.  Can the same ddd binary be run with shared libraries from
>either lestiff or Motif?  If so, I think a user should have the option
>of installing Motif instead.  (I think this could be done with the
>"Provides:" mechanism, or maybe "alternatives".)  If not, then I think
>a separate binary package should be provided.  
>Since I spent the $100 to get Motif, I want to get some good out of it.
>                          - Jim Van Zandt
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