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Re: doc-base package: All compression configurable?

>The problem with shipping files uncompressed and compress them later is
>that this will take some time on slow machines. What about shipping them
>compressed (as we do now) and uncompress them at installation time where

At installation time the system will spent lots of time for other tasks as
well. The time issue becomes critical for me when the system is running
and actually performing services.

I would go as far as installing everything uncompressed (and thus you
have a fast response time to manpages etc) and then if the
sysadmin decides that there is lack of space have the base-doc package
compress all installed documentation (base-doc needs to insure link
integrity when doing that!).

Having to compress all documentation but still having links to non
compressed files would not make life easier for the maintainers and throw
more monkey wrenches into the way things are packaged up. The link
integrity issues not only surface in manpages but also in .html code.

The package itself will compress better if all the files contained in it
are not compressed.

>Just check the current bug reports. I don't think we get lots of bugs
>reported because of uncompressed docs. deb-make (actually debstd) is doing
>a great job here!

I know. Maybe that functionality would belong into base-doc?

Not all packages use debmake and I have seen broken manpage symlinks again
and again. Having a comprehensive solution in one package for all
packages would relieve all of us from worrying about compression when
building packages.

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