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Re: Debian-devel is full of noise

I'm not up to splitting out the publishable parts of mine, but I can
show you the items for matching the debian lists once you figure out
how to use nnmail-split-fancy:

("X-Mailing-List" "debian-\\(\\w*\\)@lists.debian.org" "mail.debian.\\1")
("X-Mailing-List" "debian-\\([-_a-z]*\\)@lists.debian.org" "mail.debian.\\1")
("Delivered-To" "debian-\\([-_a-z]*\\)@lists.debian.org" "mail.debian.\\1")
("Delivered-To" "bruce-lists--debian-\\(\\w*\\)@lists.debian.org" "mail.debian.\\1")

Only one of these should be needed now, but I don't recall which one
:-) The last one was when Bruce was doing something clever when some
machine was down, I think, so that's not it.

This hack is also especially useful for the netbsd lists, as
well... and since they also use qmial, the x-mailing-list or
delivered-to header is quite reliable...

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