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Orphaning dftp. Package priorities and dependencies. Packager needed for Freedom Desktop Re: & qmail (was Re: Using CVS for package development) Packaging questions regarding plan Perl Police (was Re: Bug#10405: package naming) Re: PGP -kc forgets a key, has corrupt output? PGP was: Re: debian-non-US mirrors (was Re: debmake) Re: PING of Maintainer Address <> plan copyright clarification Plans for Debian 1.3.1? points on future installation disks development policy for window managers Policy wrt Important (was Re: dc and bc in Important?) Policy wrt mail lockfile (section 4.3) porting to libc6. Re: posix time / 822-date problem Possible Xaw{3d,95} bug / Re: Debian freeciv bugs Postgres95/PostgreSQL PostgreSQL (formerly Postgres95) Problem: bash 2.01 dumps core! RE: problems compiling plan under libc6 problems with compiling problems with debmake Problems with linking on libc6 system problems with SHA-1 problems with xnest problem with make problem with /proc info Problem with tcpdump in 1.2.17 Processed: reassignments Proper section? Proposal: /etc /usr/etc /usr/local/etc Proposed new virtual package: zcode-interpreter (long) Q/A group: please consider makedev and isdnutils for 1.3.x QA/test request question about dpkg-source : why does it create a copy of the orig.tar.gz file ? Re^2: Debian's mail daemons Re^2: Documentation Policy Re^2: End of Documentation Discussion Re^2: fixhrefgz - tool for converting anchors to gzipped files Re^2: How about e2compr? Was: fixhrefgz debate Re^2: Info or HTML: which should be the default, which in a separate p Re^2: Status of Debian Policy Re: Re^4: fixhrefgz - tool for converting anchors to gzipped files Re^4: Status of Debian Policy Re: Re^6: Status of Debian Policy Re^7: Status of Debian Policy Re^8: Status of Debian Policy reboot function recent duplicate messages -- My Fault Re: remote shell command authentication ... Rescue disk and Thinkpads (problem identified). RFC: conventions for libc5 and libc6 based library packages in hamm RFC: libc6 policy supplement 2nd try RFC: library conventions for libc5 and libc6 in hamm Take 3 RFC: library conventions for libc5 and libc6 in hamm Take 4 Re: RFC: Policy for arch specs RFC: Splitting manpages into 2 packages RFC: Virtual Package Name List (was bug #10676) Re: RfD: Debian is not randomly installing services Re: routing question Re: runlevels [was Re: Upcoming Debian Releases] running gpm as non-root RxVt copyright savelog and restarting daemons security/installation question regarding plan selfhtml sendmail/deliver missing .dsc files Shadow Paper available from the web now. Re: Simple policy question... SLang Docs Re: S-Lang for use with libc6 uploaded (source, i386) Social contract comments Re: Some ideas about the text db Some new package proposals! Something broke my Netscape 3.01. S: someone willing to compile a package for libc5 ? standard command to play au files ? State of the "dunc" package [long] Status of Debian Policy Sub-categorizing the /usr/doc directory. submitting bug report == unsubscribe ?! Summary: File locking discussion Summary of the html/info/webserver/whatever mess svgalib-dummy again svgalib where new version (security hole) S: workaround for dpkg replaces bug Taking my leave/Packages available Re: Taking over e2fsprogs ? Thanks! You've done a good job. Re: thread support Re: time stops on latest kernels tin copyright problems? top and window resizing Tri-Linux's discription ttys, setuid & security... Ultralib (was Re: FreeQt ?) Unidentified subject! Unresolved Critical Bugs Unresolved Overdue Bugs Unresolved symbols with ibmtr_cs PCMCIA module Re: Upcoming Debian Releases Re: Uploaded ppp 2.2.0f-26 (source i386) to master Use of suidmanager Version skew between architectures Vision of new installation method using webserver The last update was on 19:32 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 1546 messages. Page 3 of 4.

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