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Re^2: Documentation Policy

Am 26.06.97 schrieb alegre # saturn.superlink.net ...

Moin Fernando!

a> If we want to have HTML as the default we would have to put some effort
a> into fixing bugs in the converters. A converter fixed means many documents
a> fixed, while a document fixed is just one document fixed. We would have to
a> give higher priority to bugs in the document converters.

That's a good idea. But it's not easy to write an error free converter for  
LaTeX. To convert a LaTeX document to HTML I need several hours for fixing  
the bugs in the HTML documents.

a> As for slowness, it is partially solved by caching pages. In the long term

No, this is not a good idea for machines with little CPU power and little  
hard discs.

cu, Marco

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